[sarcmembers] Termination of LDF5-50 feedline...

  • From: n6vmo@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: sarcmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 15:01:02 -0700

This morning I visited the clubhouse and measured out two lengths of the LDF5-50 hardline, this HL was kindly donated by Bill KI6LXV.  There is still plenty left on the spool.
One length is 35' and the second is 65'.  The shorter piece is intended for the new location of the dish. While the longer piece will be used to enhance the 144MHz system and to be used on the 1296MHz dish while in its current location.
Last week, I was able to get a great deal on two NIB Andrews L5PMN connectors on eBay. Unfortunately, they only had two for sale.
This afternoon, these connectors were installed and tested on the long piece of feedline and they now belong to the club.
I will deliver and put the new 65' piece of feedline to the test next Saturday and Sunday on 144MHz EME.  Meanwhile, the search continues for two more connectors for the short piece of LDF5-50.
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