[sarcmembers] Re: SARC Clubhouse schedule

  • From: "John Maetta" <j.maetta@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:49:29 -0700


My original dates of EME operation were posted in error. The actual dates are 
Saturday August 2 and Sunday August 3. The operating times remain as originally 

Sorry for the confusion. Once again, please let me know if these dates conflict 
with other SARC clubhouse operations.


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  I would like to schedule the use of the SARC facility on August 4 from 07:00L 
- 12:00L (1400UTC - 1900UTC) and again on August 5 from 08:00L - 13:00L 
(1500UTC - 2000UTC).  My plan is to operate 144MHz Earth-Moon-Earth (EME). If 
this schedule conflicts with any other use of the facility, then let me know 

  Of course, you are all encouraged to drop in and particiapte. 

  As you approach the clubhouse and while you are at the site, please refrain 
from using your 2 meter equipment, as this will interfere with the ops or may 
damage your equipment.
  Beware, there will be coax and control cables stretching across the parking 
lot. Do not step on or drive over the coax cables. I will have the saftey cones 
out marking their locations.

  Looking forward to seeing you there...

  Thank you,


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