[sarcmembers] Satellite ARC meeting this Saturday & Mar 27 t-hunt build-it session

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 16:35:30 -0800

  a.. This is a reminder to all regular members and board members of this 
coming Saturday's Satellite ARC meeting at the clubhouse at 1PM. We will be 
taking a closer look at compact transmitting loops. 
        Also the board will meet that 8:30 AM that day at Carrows of Broadway, 
just south of Battles in Santa Maria. All regular members are invited to attend.

  a.. On Saturday March 27th, at 10 AM the Satellite ARC and South Coast ARES 
will host a T-hunt build-it session at the com center at 314 Cook Street in 
Santa Maria. All of you who missed out on making a tape-measure beam, this is 
your second chance. As before they are free of charge.
        At the same session, also free of charge, a few of you may build one of 
the little 2M hand-held DF loops that W6NBC has been showing around.

        If you would like to build one of the offset attenuators, send a check 
for the kit for $25 to John Portune, 1095 W McCoy Ln or confirm by
        email (jportune@xxxxxxx) your firm commitment to bring the funds to the 
meeting. We need to order the parts.

         Also if you would like the inside of a t-shirt aluminized for superior 
body fade in t-hunting, bring a t-shirt. The cost is $4 at the meeting.  

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