[sarcmembers] SARC meeting and T-Hunt

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 19:55:16 -0800

This is a reminder of this coming Saturdays Satellite ARC meeting at the 
clubhouse. Neil W6FOG will speak about AMSAT satellite usage.

The board meeting will be a Carrows in Santa Maria at 8:30 AM. All members are 
welcome as well.

This Saturday at 3:30 PM we will meet for our first T-hunt in the parking lot 
of Harbor Freight. This is not a serious professional hunt but
a kick-off introductory hunt for newcomers. So if you just have an HT, come and 
hunt with us. Or just ride along with someone. We also
will have a little preliminary show and tell session before the first hunt of 
the day. The boundaries and rules are posted on satellitearc.com.

John W6NBC

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