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3300 Jefferson Ave.
Phone:  (616) 452-8708

Grand Rapids, MI  49548
Fax:  (616) 452-1337




Dear Radio Enthusiast,


In 2008 we were contacted by John Miller, K6MM, president of the Northern
California Contest Club.  To make a long story short we negotiated a deal
with John's organization to provide the Honda EU2000iS inverter generator at
a special price to his members.  The program was a huge success - the
members purchased approximately 70 of these generators through the club.


John sent a message regarding this program to several other clubs.  Please
read some comments from his letter:

"In the spirit of "Sharing The Wealth", I wanted to let you know about a
large group purchase of Honda generators that our Club has just completed. 


In early June, many NCCC members discussed the need for a reliable inverter
generator for Field Day, Emergency Preparedness, and general home use.
After some research, we decided upon a 2KW generator -- the Honda EU2000i. 


Perhaps you are familiar with this generator, which has received excellent
reviews from contesters, DXpeditioners, and on eHam.net.  Because of Honda's
inverter technology, the EU2000i provides clean "sine wave" power, making it
safe for use with computers and our sometimes-sensitive radio gear.  I used
this generator at two different Field Day sites this past June with
excellent results.


The EU2000i lists for $1080.  After some research online, and many phone
calls, I found a supplier in Grand Rapids, MI who was willing to work with
us on a lower price if we could get at least 10 units ordered.  Their name:
Coffman Electric Equipment Company -- and their online store is
Steadypower.com: http://www.steadypower.com/catalog/honda_eu2000.php


 I did an extensive interview with Coffman Electric, which has been in
business for over 50 years, and was founded in the early 1950s by Perry
Coffman, an electrical engineer and ham radio operator (I'm trying to track
down his callsign).  According to AH (American Honda), they are one of AH's
best dealers in the US with virtually no customer complaints. 


Coffman Electric was the only supplier I contacted who was willing to ship
individually via Fedex Ground to each buyer's shipping address (with a
tracking number).  The other suppliers (including Mayberrys who advertise in
QST) all wanted to ship a large palette to one location and have them
distributed from there. 


The price we settled on for a minimum purchase of 10 generators:  $880 per
generator (includes Fedex Ground shipping).  I sent out the request for 10
units.  What came back was an amazing 56 orders.  Yes, 56.  We re-negotiated
to a price of $860 -- which, after a little coaxing from me included a free
high-quality $20 Honda storage cover.  We then collected $860 from each
member (personal checks) - a total of $48,160.  I wired the money from our
Wells Fargo account to Coffman Electric on Thursday, July 10, 2008 (praying
that I wouldn't have to buy a one-way ticket to Bora Bora).  True to their
word, CE starting shipping the next day, and over a two week period, all
units were shipped.  As of Thursday, July 31 (exactly 3 weeks from when we
wired the $$), all units were safely in the hands of our Club members.
Average delivery time from MI to CA:  4 business days. 


So, why am I passing this information on to you?  Well, why not share the
information with you guys?  We're all in this great hobby together, and if
your Club members have a need for a reliable 2KW generator, the Honda
EU2000i may be a good solution.  If so, feel free to follow up with Coffman


Disclaimer:  I have no personal interest in Coffman Electric whatsoever.  No
relatives there and no hidden agenda.  The Club is not benefiting in any way
from this recommendation and neither am I.  I'm just sharing our successful
experience with you.


If you have any questions, I'm happy to help.  Best of luck, and CU in the
next contest!"


The above comments were received in a letter from Mr. Miller in August 2008
and used with his permission.  I shortened them somewhat and removed any
personal information on individual club members but I believe the essence of
the experience is intact.


A couple of comments here.  The actual number of units purchased by this
club was closer to 70 by the time we were through.  Also, the list price of
the Honda EU2000iS is now $1,149.95.  However, we are prepared to offer the
same deal from now through July 31.




If your club orders 10 or more Honda EU2000iS generators we will sell them
at $860.00, including shipping (Continental U.S.) and a free Honda generator




*       Generators must be purchased through your club.
*       Club must be a registered non-profit organization.
*       Generators will be delivered to the individual members.
*       Offer is good through July 31, 2010.


If you are interested please give us a call at (888) 331-5344.  Any of our
staff would be happy to discuss the program with you.




Don Delaney

Marketing Director

Coffman Electrical Equipment Co.






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