[saphelp] Resend --> Smartform Longtext Dillema Solved :)

  • From: "Tozer, Raymond (R)" <Raymond.Tozer@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 10:54:04 +0200

Hopefully the Image will be attatched this time :-)
(Made some changes to the List Confic so Attachments can be sent. (HOPEFULLY))

> Hi all.
> Smartforms:
> Reqirement: You want to include Longtext in a Table Node in window MAIN 
> (Using a Loop Node).
> Problem:     When the long text goes over a page it sometimes carries on 
> printing OUTSIDE of Window "MAIN".
> Solution:     Forget the Loop node!!!
>                   Create a text Node, Change it to be an Include Text node. 
> (See below Image)
>                   Enter the Text NAME    or &FIELD& containint the name.
>                   Enter the Text OBJECT or &FIELD& containint the name etc.
> And Whallla!!! Problem Solved, text print Perfectly.... First time everytime.
> the whole text and nothing but the text....
> Hope this is usefull to some of you...
> Cheers.
> Raymond.
> >  <<ole0.bmp>> 

Windows bitmap

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