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hi in london there is a sensory line on the ground from the station to the eye hospital this means that you can follow this either with your cane or with feeling it under your feet. in addition the white line is helpful although it is only there to segregate the cycle lane it is good to follow and helps in poor light if you can see it. 

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Hi everyone
I’ve been chatting to Justin about this tonight and it would also be great to get your views and ideas if you have time. 
I’ve just started in a new role at Wiltshire Council as Community Engagement Manager and working on the River Park project with the Environment Agency. They would like to engage the community and consult with various community groups. If you’re not aware of the project the info can be found here - https://www.salisburyriverparkphase1.com/
In a nut shell the scheme is going to be located at Ashley Road open space and Fisherton Recreation ground near Five Rivers, and following the river to The Maltings and Central car park. The scheme will include building an embankment to reduce flood risk, create a wetland area, create new board walks and footbridges, and improve footpaths.
My reason for emailing is to ask if there is anything that they could add or change that would support people with a visual impairment? For example, use of certain colours on walls or paths, a contrast in textures on pathways, avoiding the use of bollards in the middle of a path, etc?
Any views or ideas would be really helpful and I can feed this back.
Thanks, Karlene 

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