[sagittaug] Re: Anyone using CSR24 or Service911 services?

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Yup, what Cathy said.

We schedule ours to send the data once a week, and it only takes about
15 minutes to run, so it is not a whole lot of data.  Active staff, some
generic client and policy information, and that is about it.  Enough for
them to answer a phone call intelligently.  You can schedule the data
upload to happen whenever you like, and as often as you like.

Do I have security concerns?  I suppose if I consider our client list
top secret I would be concerned, and it certainly is not something I
would publish on the web.  Still, it is also something that is not going
to be an issue if someone were to sniff the line, and even that is
highly unlikely.  It is a very low concern compared to the benefit to
our clients.


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They send the software and you load it on a particular PC.  Each night
they extrapolate the information from our system onto theirs.  Their
information is actually what the client accesses, so they don't have
direct access into Sagitta.  The CSR24 stuff is as current as the most
recent "backup" to CSR24.  So basically, it's as current as the system
was at close of business the previous day.  Once in a great while, the
backup doesn't run and we can wait until the following night or if we
have to (let's say to process Renewal certs or something) we can force
one during the day.  It's easy to maintain on the agency side.  Anything
the client does generates email notification to the "servicer" on the
policy so the agency always knows what's been done and know if any
action is necessary.  The client gets an email back saying something to
the affect that no coverage is bound until they hear back from their
agent.  Security has not been an issue.  We outsource the majority of
our IT stuff and it passes their standards.

Hope this helps...

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Thanks for the excellent feedback.

One question I have is how they obtain your Sagitta data for their CSR24
service? I know they have some software that "extracts your data from
your database server, packages it up and then e-mails it to their
service center", but what I'm curious about is how intrusive that
process is and how large the data files are that they have to e-mail.
Also, do you have any security concerns about that data transmission?

Thanks again for any help!



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