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So, does this imply that most folks will opt not to make the trek - only
to invite aggravation? 

Nuts!  And one of my best opportunities to join in (dodging weekend
kids' activities).

Plus, I was going to bring along a new toy for first light in honor of
the event.  Guess it'll have to be north valley murk for that.

Darrell Spencer  

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The weather graph on this URL:


when set for Gila Bend and looking ahead two days starting at noon on
does not look promising vis a vis sky transparency.  They are showing
blockage on Friday night and 31% blockage on Saturday.

Dad-blasted cloud express train off the Pacific and Baja!  Grrrr!

Andrew, I'd be interested in your caching software too.  Maybe we can
about it at the next meeting?

Dick H

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   Well all this talk of the name and place has made the weather gods 
angry. Looks like we will have a cloudy night both Friday and Saturday. 
Could Pierre be behind this?

   Rick let me know when you get your Garmin so I can send you maps and 
waypoints. The new firmware interfaces with Google earth and geocaching 
very well and you can load caches from geocaching com with one click. 
Very cool.


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