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Dave only follows e-mail from Glendale Community College. So it will be a while before we hear from him.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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Charlie Whiting may know where the policy is. Dave F, if you are following
this thread, can you address Jack's question?

Dick Harshaw

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I would like to announce it but need clearance from City of Glendale first. They want us to jump thru some hoops this year, I believe I've already said,

but then we have lost our Treasurer who was going to take care of it for us.

I haven't gotten any feedback so am not sure where anything stands right
now. Anyone in touch with Dave or would it be OK to email him? Anyone else
know where the SAC ins. policy is, or how to get in touch with our insurance

agent or can get me the number?


Rick Tejera wrote:
Should be on the website.

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Rick Tejera
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Saguaro Astronomy Club
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On Mar 17, 2010, at 15:07, "AJ Crayon" <acrayon@xxxxxxx
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I'm looking forward to this event and am wondering if there is a map
with directions to the site.  I know this was discussed before the
AAMM, but don't remember when the map would be available.  So, what's
the scoop?

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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