[sac-board] SAC Meeting Minutes: 2011/02/11

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 17:09:20 -0700

Chris Hanrahan started the meeting at 1931.

There were two visitors attending:  Don Wrigley and Henry.

Mitch Prause gave the treasurers report and reminded everyone that dues were 
due.  $32 for individuals, $48 for families.

Chris announced that Dick Harshaw would take over the duties of newsletter 
editor as family obligations were taking up too much time for Rick Tejera to 
continue.  A thank you to Rick for the 10 years he served.

Tom Polakis was first up with images of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and 
the Sun's prominences.

Paul Lind had images from the 2/8 ATM/Astro-Imaging meeting the Tuesday earlier 
in the week.  There were 11 people in attendance.

Jimmy Ray and images from the ancient observatory on Shaw Butte, which is only 
50 ft off the trail.

JD Maddy announced that Bill Kelly had passed away.  He was the creator of 
flexible spherical mirrors.  JD had six images, the fading Comet Hartley, M51, 
M81 & 82, an image of NGC 660 by Steve Leshin, and some Iridium flares.  One 
flare went through his image of M31 after passing N110.

AJ Crayon covered the up-coming All-AZ Messier Marathon, named after Charles 
Messier (1730-1817), a comet hunter.  The event will be April 1 for general 
observing, and April 2, Saturday, will be the night of the marathon.  The 
marathon meeting will be at 1900.  The marathon will officially start at 1925.  
There will be imaging allowed for SAC and EVAC members as an experiment.  
Liability release forms for the event will be available at he meetings before 
the event and at the marathon.

Tom Polakis announced that William Hartmann, our speaker, will have books 
available for purchase during the break and after the meeting.

Steve Dodder reminded us of the 50/50 raffle reminded us that the club made 
more than $300 last year from this.  As the novice club chair, he's available 
for advice on telescopes and small observing sessions at his south of Maricopa. 
 At this time the Grand Canyon Star Party is full.

The break started at 2028.

Meeting restarted at 2050.  Speaker was William K Hartmann from Planetary 
Science Institute in Tucson, AZ.  His talk was "Where did the Moon come from? 
(or ... The Pretty Big Bang)".  This covered the creation of the Earth-Moon 
system and discovers we have made about the moon.

The meeting ended at 2209.  We had 47 people attending.

        -Paul Dickson

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