[sac-board] SAC Meeting Minutes: 2010/10/22

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:16:57 -0700

Dick Harshaw opened the meeting at 1930.  We had 4 visitors that introduced 

The All-AZ Star Party will be next door to the Antennas site on November 5 and 

Steve Coe started with images of Comet Hartley.

Steve Dodder, introduced himself as the novice group chairman, the coordinator 
of the 50/50 raffle and the north rim of the Grand Canyon Star Party.  At this 
time reservations are being taken for cabins.  Camp sites will star on January 
1.  Pierre Schwaar's Binocular Telescope should be ready within 24 hours.

Mitch Prause reported that the club now has $4400.

Nominations open when all officers continuing except Dick Harshaw, who has 
reach his term limit.  We ended up with two nominations for president, Chris 
Hanrahan and Ken Naiff.

We had more images of Comet Hartley by JD Maddy.

Dick Harshaw passed around a survey people fill out.

Tom Polakis told us that Randy Peterson was honoured by having an asteroid name 
after him 232553/Randypeterson.

Meeting restarted at 20:37.

Roger Windhorst was the speaker for the night.  His topic covered the upcoming 
James Webb Space Telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope was a concept of the 70's, made in the 80's, and 
place in operation from 1990-2014.  The HST has a 2.4m mirror.  The JWST will 
be 6.5m.

We has 43 people attending the meeting.

        -Paul Dickson

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