[sac-board] IDA Newsletter #54, June 2003

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(This message is intended for members of the IDA who have elected to receive 
notice by email that our newsletter is available 
online. If this does not describe you, or if you wish to receive a paper copy 
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message, please contact mailto:admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Dear IDA Member

The June 2003 issue (#54) of the Newsletter of the International Dark-Sky 
Association is now available online. You will find it at

The newsletter is also available as a PDF file, which will print better than 
the HTML version. You can download that file by 
visiting http://www.darksky.org/newsltrs/newsltrs.html and clicking on the 
appropriate link.

Thank you for your support of dark skies, your membership in the IDA, and for 
helping the organization save mailing costs by 
participating in the Type N (email-notification) newsletter category.

The IDA announces a new feature to our website.  New or renewing members can 
now process their membership donation 
online!  By offering this new service, we are able to save our members time.  
No need to fill out a check, find, address, stamp an 
envelope, and mail your new membership or renewals.  These donations are 
processed online through a secure transaction 
service (Verisign).  You can see that the payment is being processed from a 
secure site by noting the gold lock at the right 
hand sign of your screen.  More information about this process is available at 

Tim Poulsen, Newsletter Editor
International Dark-Sky Association

208-275-6632 (fax)

For membership questions and information please contact:

IDA Headquarters
520-293-3192 (fax)

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