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Gene, your battery may need to be replaced.  How old is it?  The battery is 
one of those that are shaped something like two-bits.

Hope this helps,

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Reposting, my @@##!!$$$ PC date is reverting to 2007 again!  OF COURSE I
didn't check it, as it has not acted up for a couple of days!!!!!
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Subject: [sac-board] Re: Board Meeting, 1/18/08
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AJ, we're all pulling for you, just take it easy, and we hope you are
back to your old irascable self pretty soon!
AJ Crayon wrote:

>Steve, I'm taking it one day at a time.  There is improvement, but I've
>grown to be quite impatient at the rate.  My surgeon  tells me to accept 
>fact I've had a serious operation, to remove rectal cancer, and it will 
>time to heal.  Time my <you know what>.:))  Funny; I don't feel like I've
>had cancer . . . just an inopportune operation.
>If, in the unlikely event, I'm not feeling well enough to attend I'll as
>someone to fill in a secretary and forward you information to share about
>the marathon.
>Thanks for asking.
>Clear skies,
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>You got it, AJ.
>Rosie asked about you.  How are ya?
>Steve Dodder
>President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
>Director, Stone Haven Observatory
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>>Subject: [sac-board] Re: Board Meeting, 1/18/08
>>Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 14:57:25 -0700
>>Steve, I'd like to put the Messier Marathon on the agenda.  With a new
>>I'd like to discuss some of the details so as not to catch anyone by
>>surprise - if possible.
>>Clear skies,
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>>From: "Steve D." <fester00@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>>Subject: [sac-board] Board Meeting, 1/18/08
>>Just a reminder of the board meeting on Friday, Jan. 18, 2008, 7:00pm at
>>1) Transition items.  Anything left?
>>2) Discuss my inaugural message, posted in the newsletter.  re:opening
>>Haven to expand novice participation and
>>3) Try to get more volunteer participation and help Jack Jones
>>expand/coordinate more public events
>>4) SAC sponsorship of the North Rim Grand Canyon Star Party.  This may
>>over a bit to next meeting, or via email as details become available from
>>south rim.
>>5) Old business
>>6) New business
>>Steve Dodder
>>President, Saguaro Astronomy Club
>>Director, Stone Haven Observatory
>>Share life as it happens with the new Windows Live.
>Share life as it happens with the new Windows Live.

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