[sac-board] Directions and maps

  • From: Andrew Goodwin <a.goodwin1@xxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ SAC Board <sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 05:34:22 -0700

    I proposed a idea to Peter about including a Garmin map file on our 
site so it can be downloaded into a Garmin device. It would allow the 
observer to get turn by turn directions from any where in the country to 
the selected site.

   I also will be adding way points for the Saddle Mt. map to include 
the washes, cattle guard and dirt vs paved roads. I am also creating a 
map to 5MM to include forest service numbered roads. This will include a 
larger over all map from central Phoenix to the Lake Mary road.

   PS   I know you are tired of hearing it but I did listen in to a 911 
call made from a ham radio in an area without cell coverage. I know that 
Paul Lind, Wes Edens, Steve Rodgers and myself are hams. I think that 
most of you can pass the test with just a few hours study from a book 
that has all the questions and answers, and there is no Morse code. We 
simplex to and from sites and we can stay in touch though we are many 
miles apart. Newer ham mobile radios include GPS that transmit your 
position to a website that displays a icon on a Google map. 

(now burn soapbox)


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