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Thanks AJ.

The 'Maps' link from the old home page is linked to the same file as the new 
page, albeit with a facelift. I repaired the broken link you identified, as 
I had moved the 'maps' page from the root of the server to the 'content' 
folder, with all other child pages.


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Peter, looks like a great facelift.  So far here's what seems to need some

Clicking the maps link gets to Observing Sites -
    looks like the SAC header isn't displaying
    All of the links for Maps & Directions as well as the PDF Handout
returns, "Page Not Found" error but, interestingly, from the original SAC
page this message is returned when the maps link is clicked.

Clear skies,

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Subject: [sac-board] SAC website

While I think we have a very good website, I thought it was time for a
facelift (we are over 30, after all). ;-)
All of the original content is still available... just a fresh, new, simple
look. I haven't modified all of the pages yet, just the main page and most
(not all) of the pages that link directly to the main page.

So, have a look and let me know what you think.

For now the 'new site' is available here:


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