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I, myself like the idea. A few things that I think need to be considered:


1.       The SAC Constitution prohibits acquisition of real property in
excess of $100 (May be $200, too lazy to look it up for sure). This would
limit us to some sort of lease agreement with yourself & Rosie as owners of

2.       The bigger issue would be one of, you guessed it, insurance. How
much liability are you willing to risk? How Much is the club willing to
risk? How would Insurance coverage be apportioned and whose would be
primary, yada yada yada. I think this would certainly be an issue in which
we would need legal counsel to insure all aspects are addressed. 


Just a few things that pop up right off the top of my head.  


Clear Skies


Rick Tejera


Editor SACnews


Saguaro Astronomy Club


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Board Members, et al,



Tuesday March 11, 2008, I received an email from a Robert Mason in which he

offered ?an older model? refractor be donated to SAC.  He?d offered it to a
local school and they

were not interested.  They suggested he

look online for local clubs, and he found SAC. 

I told him SAC would be delighted to accept it, and it could be used as

a loaner scope.  We arranged for him to

deliver it to my work on Thursday afternoon.



he arrived, I was astonished to discover the telescope in question was not a

smallish type as I expected, but a full-blown  Meade 127mm ED APO, complete
with LXD 600

head, GOTO, eyepieces, finders and basically everything suitable to outfit a

small observatory, except for a laptop to run it all.  An inventory list is
appended.  Even has the instruction manual.



set it up Thursday night in the rolloff at S.H.O. for a quick checkout and

seems to work flawlessly.  Wonderful

optics, fair mount, great EP?s.  Haven?t

tried the GOTO yet, but I?ve never had one, so there?s a learning curve



having had the ?OMG!  What am I supposed

to do with this now?? moments, it?s obvious this can not be a loaner

scope.  Rosie and I put our heads

together and came up with an idea that I?d like to run by you, and later the




the Saguaro Astronomy Club is a not-for-profit organization, an asset like

setup adds significantly to its net worth. 

It is my feeling that this needs to be offset.  What I propose would be for
SAC to found and

fund an observatory building to house this telescope setup, as well as the

Pierre Schwaar binocular chair, for the use and enjoyment of SAC members and

any novice groups or organizations serving private and public entities for

purpose of advancing astronomy awareness and education.  Such institutions
would include, but not be

limited to Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls clubs, church

groups and the general public that may show interest through SAC?s or
other?s outreach

programs, such as EVAC, PAS, Arizona Science Center, etc.



would be delighted to volunteer the space needed for such an observatory, as

much of the infrastructure is already in place, and indeed falls in to my

inaugural address to increase SAC?s footprint on public outreach and

education.  I would cover design,

inspection and general contracting, if SAC would be willing to cover

costs in the neighborhood of $2500.  (I

built the original rolloff roof observatory for ~$1000, without a concrete

and the cost of the dome reconstruction was similar.)  Much of the design
for a suitable building is

already complete, as I?ve been anticipating a new building for Pierre?s

for some time, it?s just a matter of modifying it to accommodate the 127mm

instead of the C8.  A full construction

cost analysis can be completed as soon as interest is gauged, but I believe

above to be ?ball park?, considering past experience.



feel strongly Stone Haven Observatory would be a nearly ideal location for

a structure, given its location on a relatively dark site, proximity to

Phoenix, security and availability of skilled operators.  The costs after
completion would be minimal,

if any, as they would fall into the category of regular S.H.O. maintenance




also feel strongly that SAC should think about doing something worthwhile

the moneys it has accumulated.  It may

appear on the surface that my motivation is one of personal windfall, but

of you that know me will know this not to be the case.  Having invested in
restoring and now

reinventing Pierre?s chair with no requests for compensation should make

clear.  My motivation is to create a

comfortable environment for others to become exposed to all the night sky

to offer, without the need for monetary investment.  If SAC members want to
do some observing

without hauling all their own equipment out, maybe even during the week,

a place they can do that.  If someone

wants to practice imaging a spurious event, such as an asteroid occultation

shadow transit or comet, they?re more than welcome.  If they had friends or
family visiting from

out of town and wanted to show them what they do on the weekends, we?d be

at a phone call.



idea being, there?d be a central place to practice astronomy with a minimum

hassle or personal investment.  It would

be a decent place to hold novice meetings at nearly any time.  If Steve Coe
could not attend, there would be

others that could.  Stone Haven already

has a variety of telescopes to display and use for instruction.



let the discussion begin.  I?m sure there

are many things I have not thought of that need discussion, both positive

negative.  Things I may not be aware of

as per legalities of the donation itself and so on.  I?ve only put forth the
idea, and if you

think it could work, great.  If not, give

a reasoned argument and we can drop it.



hear it.



Steve Dodder

President, Saguaro Astronomy Club

Director, Stone Haven Observatory








Bob Mason Donation to SAC 



































































































Meade 127ED  5?  F/9 Apo OTA

Electric focuser

Meade LXD 600 EQ head

Meade Field Tripod

Vixen 60mm F/15 OTA.

1 5/8? ID to 7/16? OD adaptor?

Celestron 8x50 Polaris finder scope w/o caps


90º reticle EP


T-slot mounting rings

Meade 8x50 finder scope straight through w/caps

2? diagonal w/1.25? adapter


Angle gauge (wixie)

2-3.75? mounting rings (For Vixen 60mm?)

Meade 7mm Ortho EP-Research Grade 1.25?

Meade 15.5mm Ortho EP-Reasearch Grade 1.25?

Misc empty EP cases, filter boxes, EP caps

Bag of bolts, allen wrenches

Box of misc extender tubes, camera adapters

Another camera adapter-Nikon?

Phillips Webcam Pro USB

Meade 9mm Illuminated Reticle EP w/cable

Meade 28mm Ortho EP-Research Grade

2? filter set


            #25 Red

            #80 Blue

            13% Moon


Deep Sky

1.25Filter sets

    Lumicon UHC

    10% ND

    Orion V-Block



    Dark red



2? 56mm Meade Super Plossl

1.25?Lumicon diagonal (Vixen?)


Orion 5mm Illuminated reticle 1.25? EP

Meade 12mm illuminated reticle 1.25?EP

Vixen 2.5mm LV 1.25? EP

Vixen 10mm LV 1.25? EP

Meade 26mm 1.25? Super Plossl

Meade 9.7mm 1.25? Super Plossl

Polaris setting plate for finder scope

LX 200 Controller V2.5


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