[sac-board] Re: A Unique opportunity

  • From: Andrew Goodwin <a.goodwin1@xxxxxxx>
  • To: sac-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 15:17:18 -0700

   Not being a member of the SAC board I want to give some input to this 
thread. Some other members and myself have been trying to find a site 
for "local" star parties and have found it a difficult task. Steve's 
offer sounds like a good one and should be a good option for a local 
site. I have not been to SHO and would like to do so sometime soon. It 
sounds like there are many good points that have been asked so far. The 
one I would worry about is the impact on Steve and Rosie being invaded 
by 30 or more vehicles. This could get old real fast. Lets talk about it 
and I might have a attorney who would help us on a pro-bono basis. Of 
course being a non-profit organization it would be a tax write off for 
him. Can we explore it at the next meeting?


SAC Webmaster wrote:
> Steve,
> That certainly is a most generous donation to the club. And your offer is 
> equally magnanimous.
> My opinion is that it would behoove SAC to get expert legal and financial 
> counsel before moving forward. Questions arise as to the club's nonprofit 
> status - is this just self-proclaimed or does any governmental agency 
> (local, state, federal) share in this recognition? What are the legal 
> ramifications, both to yourself and to the club, for constructing a 
> permanent (semi-permanent?) structure on private property? I'm sure there 
> are more issues to be explored, insofar as that I think it would be prudent 
> to pay for an hour or so of a CPA and/or attorney's time.
> That's my 316.87 Vietnamese Dongs
> Peter

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