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Not from me , old buddy.  I just use 'em, I don't worship them.

It won't make the good reverend feel any better to know the
minutiae of 12/24, glass focal plane, half moon strap hangers
und so weiter.


"Peter K." wrote:

> Ken, While others may offer some additional notes here is what I know.
> The Rolleiflex 2.8F and 3.5F of 1958 were the first Rolleiflex TLRs
> with a coupled exposure meter.There were actually 3 variations on this
> model before 1960.The first model had a newly developed Compur shutter
> and was limited to production of 20,000 units.The next 11,000 units
> were a design with older style shutter and aperture controls and had a
> certain stiffness that many users criticized that forced F & H to
> change to a third version with a smooth operating bevel-geared
> differential. The 3.5 version of this model also received a newly
> designed Planar lens of six elements, followed by a new Schneider 3.5
> Xenotar with six elements.This was allegedly to improve the resolving
> power since F & H were of the opinion that the older style 5-element
> 3.5 lenses did not live up to expectations.The 2.8 Zeiss and Schneider
> lenses remained unchanged. This was the last of the famous TLRs to be
> produced from 1960 through 1981.   Kodak introduced 220 film in 1965
> so the 12/14 version would have had to come after that, precisely when
> I am not sure, but I know others will of course provide you with more
> detail whether you want it or not.
> Carlos, Jerry, your turn.  :-) Peter K
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