[rollei_list] Identifying 2.8F models

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 17:36:46 -0800


While others may offer some additional notes here is what I know.

The Rolleiflex 2.8F and 3.5F of 1958 were the first Rolleiflex TLRs with a
coupled exposure meter.  There were actually 3 variations on this model
before 1960.  The first model had a newly developed Compur shutter and was
limited to production of 20,000 units.  The next 11,000 units were a design
with older style shutter and aperture controls and had a certain stiffness
that many users criticized that forced F & H to change to a third version
with a smooth operating bevel-geared differential. The 3.5 version of this
model also received a newly designed Planar lens of six elements, followed
by a new Schneider 3.5 Xenotar with six elements.  This was allegedly to
improve the resolving power since F & H were of the opinion that the older
style 5-element 3.5 lenses did not live up to expectations.  The 2.8 Zeiss
and Schneider lenses remained unchanged. This was the last of the famous
TLRs to be produced from 1960 through 1981.  Kodak introduced 220 film in
1965 so the 12/14 version would have had to come after that, precisely when
I am not sure, but I know others will of course provide you with more detail
whether you want it or not.

Carlos, Jerry, your turn.  :-)

Peter K

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