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Dear everyone,

I want to mix this developer fomular. Everyone know where online shop is in US or Canada sell chemistry to mix it (glycin, metol, potassium bromide...)? You could compare the print developed from this fomular and Kodak (Polymax
T, Selectol, Dektol), Ilford (Multigrade Dev, ...).

Best regards,
Xuan Truong

I am pretty sure Photographer's Formulary sells glycin, and in fact, a kit for Agfa/Ansco 130. Essentially, 130 is similar to Kodak D=72/Dektol but with the addition of about 11 grams of glycin per liter of stock and some additional potassium bromide. I have not used 130 for many years. Ansco sold it as a high capacity standard developer. Many seem to think it gives a more neutral (less green) image color than Dektol. Selectol was the packaged version of Kodak D-52, this is a somewhat less active developer than D-72/Dektol and was recommended for warm tone papers although it is not an inherently warm tone developer. Formulas for D-72, D-52, and Ansco/Agfa 130 are on the web and I have posted all three to both the Pure Silver list and to the Usenet group rec.photo.darkroom so a Google search should find them. Polymax-T and Multigrade are proprietary formulas. I think both are liquid concentrates. The formulas for liquid concentrates contain chemicals that can be dissolved in high concentration and others which keep everyihing in solution so they are somewhat difficult to compare with powder formulas. What you are asking, of course, is about results and I can't give those to you except for Dektol and Selectol and Agfa Neutol Plus, which I believe is a Phenidone and ascorbic acid developer. A note: There are dozens of developer formulas in the literature. Every maker of paper had its formulas. Most of these are variations of D-72/Dektol or D-52/Selectol although there were a few unique ones such as Agfa/Ansco 130. Its fun to experiment but don't expect large differences except for some special purpose (very warm tone for instance) developers. The addition of potassium bromide to most fairly active developers will make them more warm toned and benzotriazole will make them more cold toned but, ultimately, the image color depends more on the nature of the emulsion than on the developer. If you need any of these formulas and can't find them easily on the web I will post them here.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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