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Hi Jan:
Thank you, it's nice to see a photograph about it again. It was
made in 1954 to celebrate the Rolleiflex 25th anniversary, it is the 1928
original prototype giant replica. F&H workers also made a similar giant replica
about the Rolleiflex 3,5B (mx-evs), one of the current models at the time.
Both replicas were exhibited in Salzdahlumer Strasse 196, Braunschweig.


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Hi Carlos,,

Here is a picture of the giant Rollei at Foto Gregor in Cologne on Flickr (you
can zoom in):



Subject: [rollei_list] Another giant Baby Rolleiflex replica
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When I visited Buenos Aires city a few days ago, I went to "Antique
Cameras", a shop where you can find second hand cameras and accessories,
some cameras are very old really. I needed an original lens cap for my
"new" 2,8F Planar and I could buy it there. This is the same shop with the
"Rolleiphone" I showed here some years ago. Now, beside the "Rolleiphone",
I found another Baby Rolleiflex giant replica (I say "another" because we
had a thread about a similar replica some time ago); these replicas were
made to introduce the Rolleiflex 4x4 during the Leipzig Fair in
1931, they made about ten units (writing from memory). These are two images
abut the replica (click on the thumbnail):

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