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  • Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:36:59 +0100

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          Peter Dowson <p_dowson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just tried to print out a multi page file from PDF and got the following
> error
> "Image is to long for the page: top margin is 26, height 791, bottom edge
> is 801"
> It is some time since I last printed a PDF doc but don't ever remember
> getting an error like this

This error has nothing to do with what you print. It is an error from 
Gutenprint and it is caused by a limitation that I just found out 
yesterday. If you have graphical elements outside the printable area, 
then GPDriver2/Gutenprint clips the output at the top and left (in 
contrast to GPDriver/Gimp-Print, which moved the complete page to the 
right and downwards, which was not a very popular feature). GPDriver2 
does not clip at the right and bottom because I assumed that the 
Gutenprint library would do that, but this indicates that I was too 
optimistic - GPDriver2 will have to do the clipping itself.

> Margins all set to zero

Yes, that is the problem. For the time being (until GPDriver2's 
clipping is improved) you need to set an appropriate right and bottom 
margin in your paper size. From the above values: You need a bottom 
margin of 26+791-801 = 16. This is in pt (1/72 inch), so this 
corresponds to roughly 5.7mm.

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