[riscos-printing] Re: Gutenprint and Canon Pixma ip4000

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 14:48:16 +0100

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          Willem Arends <wlm4p@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I too have troubles getting the colours right on the iP4000, but I do
> get them all. I have a document with text in the colours from the
> colourpicker in Impression. Light green is too blueish and dark green is
> too yellowish. The rest is acceptable (more or less) It used to be
> better in GP 2.06. Still haven't figured out how to cure this.

Versions before 2.07 were built against a development version 
containing work in progress, in particular regarding the Canon driver. 
2.07 and above were built against a stable version, which should 
contain all the new Canon code, too, but I notice that the default 
parameters for the iP4000 have changed.

GP2.06 had one special setting for the iP4000 and that was a preset 
Y(ellow) Gamma value of 0.8. So, you could try setting that in the 
colour correction window and see whether that improves things. From 
what you describe above that sounds like it could cure the above 
problems because it would add yellow to light colours with little 
yellow (i.e., add yellow to light greens and hence make them less 
blueish) and reduce yellow in dark colours with more yellow (which 
would remove the yellow cast from dark greys).

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