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  • Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 01:28:24 +0200

I'll try creating some hsc set for SD3.
and , by the way , Sonar 8.52 is more accessible with Window-Eyes out of the box.
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Well, at first examination, I wasn't able to do anything with sd3 except click on the pads, I never found where to load any drums or presets in.

I'm working with a stand alone version of sd3.

The drum samples are all in flac format, but there are sfz files included.

I don't have sonar 8 installed, so don't know if sfz was updated to do flac files, or if this is something just for sd3 but I am converting one of the drumkits, the blues kit to work with sfz, the standard version we all use.

One thing I noticed is that they have an off_by set for all the drums.

to me, this would be un-natural for some drums to choke off the samples as they play re-triggering everytime, I know on a real set you can do physical choking and such, but why assign an off-by value on every sample unless they were doing something really funky?

Well, I wasn' that impressed with sd2, maybe it's more goofy programming by well-meaning folks who don't know better, or maybe it's me that doesn't know better not being aware of some factor in sd3 that uses this parameter, maybe there's a way it can use it only when desired but what makes me think it's just wrong is the fact that they assigned all the groups the same, so that if you for instance hit the high-hat and close it, it'll stop the tom ring-over.

Unless they've got some way of loading sfz files in their own instances in sd3 where they don't interfere with each other, but they look like they're supposed to work together in the same kit.

So anyone who can shed light on this step right up, but even so, it won't hurt to have an sfz version of this kit and the other kits to use while we figure out how to deal with sd3.

Or have I missed the boat and that's an already licked problem?

When I opened it up I clicked all over creation in the interface and never found the magic button to load, I tried labeling graphics, and doing lots of rqandon clicks and moving the mouse by increments of 5 pixels up and down and all over, but no joy.

I do like some of the drum-kits a bit better though so it's worth getting sd3 to work or at least using the content out of it in some other way.

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