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Oh Yeh, like the sfz mini-host or the hypersonic stand-alone, I meant in regards to you can host vst's in other apps that they weren't specifically designed for like stealing sonar 8 goodies to work in sonar versions earlier.

This is what I've done.

By the way, I'm making nice progress on a sd3 hsc and a wineyes set, won't probably be as nice as yours but a useable set to get started with.

When I toss it out, feel free to improve on it, your the undisputed kings of hsc creation 'grin'.

At 12:13 PM 12/14/2009, you wrote:
Chris wrote: Well, you know, a vst is a vst.

They're all stand alone in that regard.

Phil replied: not quite.  A .VST still needs to be hosted by something.  A
stand-alone is a stand-alone.  For example, there's a stand-alone version of
Rapture, SFZ and DR-008.  These are all executables.

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Well, you know, a vst is a vst.

They're all stand alone in that regard.

Usually consisting of just a dll and sample content and help files if
relevant, and they just need to be registered with whatever app your
using for your daw.

At 07:19 AM 12/14/2009, you wrote:
>Didn't know that there is a stand-alone version of Session drummer 3.
>Regards, Phil Muir
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>Well, at first examination, I wasn't able to do anything with sd3
>except click on the pads, I never found where to load any drums or presets
>I'm working with a stand alone version of sd3.
>The drum samples are all in flac format, but there are sfz files included.
>I don't have sonar 8 installed, so don't know if sfz was updated to
>do flac files, or if this is something just for sd3 but I am
>converting one of the drumkits, the blues kit to work with sfz, the
>standard version we all use.
>One thing I noticed is that they have an off_by set for all the drums.
>to me, this would be un-natural for some drums to choke off the
>samples as they play re-triggering everytime, I know on a real set
>you can do physical choking and such, but why assign an off-by value
>on every sample unless they were doing something really funky?
>Well, I wasn' that impressed with sd2, maybe it's more goofy
>programming by well-meaning folks who don't know better, or maybe
>it's me that doesn't know better not being aware of some factor in
>sd3 that uses this parameter, maybe there's a way it can use it only
>when desired but what makes me think it's just wrong is the fact that
>they assigned all the groups the same, so that if you for instance
>hit the high-hat and close it, it'll stop the tom ring-over.
>Unless they've got some way of loading sfz files in their own
>instances in sd3 where they don't interfere with each other, but they
>look like they're supposed to work together in the same kit.
>So anyone who can shed light on this step right up, but even so, it
>won't hurt to have an sfz version of this kit and the other kits to
>use while we figure out how to deal with sd3.
>Or have I missed the boat and that's an already licked problem?
>When I opened it up I clicked all over creation in the interface and
>never found the magic button to load, I tried labeling graphics, and
>doing lots of rqandon clicks and moving the mouse by increments of 5
>pixels up and down and all over, but no joy.
>I do like some of the drum-kits a bit better though so it's worth
>getting sd3 to work or at least using the content out of it in some other

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