[realmusicians] Re: [midi-mag] The much Improved Session drummer 2 and 3 access with jaws and window-eyes

  • From: Chris Belle <cb1963@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 03:45:13 -0600

Well folks,

I think our little sessions drummer adventure is finally done.

What started out to be just something to cover the basics you couldn't get at through the synth rack turned in to a full fledged project finding hundreds of screen locations, and controls, but now there is direct access to session drummer 2 and 3 with window-eyes setfiles and access to session drummer 3 with jaws through hotspot clicker.

Every slider, control, and menu is accounted for.

With both jaws and window-eyes you can trigger and or load instruments in to the pads, control their pan, width, volume, mute and solo status, and tuning.

You can load the individual midi patterns in to their respective slots a through h, and control looping, pattern length, start and stop and reset.

Hotspot clicker has custom help built in and window-eyes has documentation and window comments emmbedded to help you.

Session drummer 3 much improves on session drummer 2
with two extra pads, and the ability to spread those pads over more keys.

Also the ability to load flac files helps conserve disk space.

Sd3 takes less of a cpu load, and best of all, comes with some much nicer drum sounds.

Not in the league of the great big drum libraries as far as sheer mass, but for us who want an easy straight forward tool to do practical good sounding drums I think it strikes a nice balance with functionallity and quality without being overly complex.

Sd3 is actually split up in to two pages with one being a nice picture of a drum kit and the other being the 12 channel mixer.

we've done two hsc sets that auto-switch to account for both pages as some of the screen cordinates will trigger wrongly if the same set is used and do suprising things 'grin'.

With window-eyes, we split functionallity over 3 to 4 setfiles to cover all the controls, but you have access to them which is the important thing.

Those who bought from me early can expect free upgrades of course, but I'm still keeping this little thing at the ridiculously low price of $10.00, and it won't be copy protected.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to the jsonar project.

So come and get it, it's done 'smile'.

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