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Yes, window-eyes doesn't have this problem, but something about the way jaws does it's mouse clicks causes this funky thing to happen, but the work around is to click up where it says no pre-sets, I don't know why that works, but it fixes it so I put that as an option in the hsc set.

There are like a hundred and thirty plus spots in here, not too bad for a novice if I do say so myself 'grin', I've worked my hind end off on this thing, and as I learn jaws better, I'll get better at making these.

I'm looking forward to having multiple spot rings, this will help with these big mixers and such.

I was pulling my hair out until I figured out that turning on say all would really ramp up jaws reading the tool tips and graphic colors to find the spots, because I was going in and out of window-eyes and jaws because in many instances window-eyes would read stuff jaws wouldn't.

Lord, I love that hsc interface though, we really need something like this for window-eyes, it sucks not having some basic good tools like this to work with.

I know we could script it, but for the rest of us, we need something like that to work.

At 02:34 AM 12/24/2009, you wrote:
does the glitch you described also occur when using Sonar's native vst support? to speak tooltips without turning on "say all" it must be recognized as a highlight color. this is the only way I know of solving this; would also like to have other ideas here.
hope this helps
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Hey you guys?

Any way to get jaws to read changing tool-tips without having to turn on say all when reading the output from say a slider movement and checking it?

I can click the left or right mouse buttons and get the tool-tip to trigger but that leaves jaws in a weird state sometimes loosing focus and such, this is when defining sliddes and such.

Window-eyes does this sort of stuff automatically with no glitches, but it doesn't have the nice hsc interface of course.

There's another glitch with vst windows that used to cause directixer not to work right, it was that focusing issue, that makes it where you can't tab to a second list of values, parameters, but doing a click up where it says presets fixes that for some reason.

This happens with jaws when clicking a slidder, it's like it gets stuck on it and I have to do back flips to get things right again.

My temporary work around is to define a spot to do my click to ragain focus, I could set this up as a post processing function, but I don't want to leave the slider while I'm working with it but how can we get out of that weird mode, when I do a left click jaws will read the tool tip, but it gets hung on it, then the slider won't work, but if I do a right mouse click things get sort of un-hung and I can then operate the slider but the only way to get focus back to where I can tab around to the usual vst menus and such is to do that click up on presets either manually or with my hsc hotkey.

I don't want to have to process the sliders if I can help it, because the keyboard gets these controls nicely from a click and this would be easier than to have to use the mouse, or is this the only way to avoid what I'm getting?

Any ideas from the hot-shot hsc guys I know are on this list 'grin'?

I'd like to make this as nice for people as I can.

I have found most of the controls in here and there's a ton of them 'grin'.

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