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Radio Ghosty Newsletter
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The Radio Ghosty Newsletter
March, 2002
Brought to you by the letter F and the numbers 0, 1 and 86. A happy Easter,
Passover and any holiday I may be ignorant about to you and yours this
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Table of Contents:
1. Ghosty's Corner
2. Interview - Hugo Flores, Sonic Pulsar
3. Newest Artists
4. Artists on the Horizon
5. Artist News

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1. Ghosty's Corner

It's been one hell of a month. You have times like these? The girlfriend
moves out, the job goes into the toilet... oh, wait, that was last month
too. Let it never be said I'm not consistent. ;-)

On the station side of things, life didn't get much better. Last night's
live show turned out to be a complete wash-out; the software chocked,
sputtered and spontaneously rebooted my machine for over an hour. Boy, was I
in a FIT. I damn near threw the baby out with the bathwater. I was angry
that, after nearly two weeks of flawless testing, and many emails to artists
and subscribers promoting the show, the system decided to choke up a fish -
but that evening I had a chance to read my email, and all the notes I had
gotten from our indie artists expressing thanks in my effort to get their
music heard.

At that moment I reached clarity. Radio Ghosty isn't about me, and never
was, and never should be. It's the very thing that's wrong with traditional,
terrestrial radio; a marketing scheme that includes some DJ as wanna-be
rock-n-roll star, pontificating whatever musical knowledge s/he has and
putting forth whatever amount of charisma they possess as a means to get
listeners and sell airtime to other companies in an effort to make a buck.
This is why Indies don't get airplay on regular radio. They aren't effective
in making money for the station.

The Ghosty Show is permanently on hiatus. I need a new sound card, and
possibly an alternate way (with alternate software - Shoutcast isn't cutting
it) to broadcast the Ghosty Show - and I may have a solution even as I type
this - but for now, it's history. One means would be to use a 2nd account
graciously given to me by another broadcaster who is getting out of the
racket, but I need to do some serious looking at that. Another would be to
move to a commercial service, which I monetarily cannot afford right now.
Something will get worked out.

In the meantime, Radio Ghosty will continue to present the best indie and
unsigned artists to the listening public. I was an indie, many years ago,
and I know how tough it is to get a little attention paid to one's artistic
efforts. I appreciate the thanks I have received from these artists, and the
positive commentary I continue to get from my listeners. That, IMHO, is
worth so much more than money, or a little egg on my face.

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2. Interview - Hugo Flores, Sonic Pulsar

** Hugo Flores is an accomplished musician and 1/2 the team of Sonic Pulsar.
Here is an impromptu interview with this talented indie artist.

[RG] Since Sonic Pulsar is a two-man project, I'd like to start by asking
you about your partnership with fellow Pulsarian Carlos Mateus. Tell me a
little about the two of you, how you met, and what brought you together

[HF] We met in school when we were both living in Brussels, Belgium.  We
started playing the guitar together and by that time I was already writing
songs using my
computer.  We met in 1990, started playing guitar in 1993 and started the
Band in 2001.  In between, I returned to Portugal in 1995, while Carlos went
to England in 1996.  Between 1996 and 2000, I wrote some songs and finished
3 CDs, of which the last one, "Atlantis", was published by Fossil Records.
Carlos contributed to this album with some lyrics.  In August 2000, Carlos
returned to Portugal to study for his Masters and in January 2001 we decided
that we wanted to work together as a band, whilst not giving up my solo
career. We started writing in February and finished this CD in December. We
are very proud of what we´ve been able to accomplish with our limited means.

[RG] Sonic Pulsar makes a lot of noise with only two guys in the band. Do
you do any live performances, and if so, how do you handle the logistics?

[HF] We really would like to play live, but unfortunately we do not have the
time to be able to do that right now.  Another problem would be that given
the fact that we are only two people, it just does not sound right to do a
live performance with electronic drums.  For us, it destroys the idea of
playing LIVE.  If we were to play we would need at least a drummer. Anyway,
it's possible that a third person might join the band during the next months
and even play in our next cd!

[RG] Your music has several different tangents - part prog, part ambient,
and a good part hard rock. Is this mix of genres a forced combination for
you, or does your songwriting naturally lend itself to crossing over this

[HF] We do what we want. The mix of genres comes out very naturally and it
is a combination of our musical influences, if you like. All that we listen
to, is there in our CD.  We just do whatever comes to mind and I suppose
that we both have similar tastes in music (at least as far as Iron Maiden,
Steve Vai and Pink Floyd are concerned) so our mixture of genres is very

[RG] Noting that you are from Portugal and that all the music I have heard
from Sonic Pulsar is in English - do you speak Portuguese, and if so, are
there Portuguese versions of your music available?

[HF] Yes, we do speak Portuguese; In fact, it is our mother-tongue!
However, we decided that we wanted to write in English and Carlos mainly
writes in English so... we don't have any versions in Portuguese.  Having
said that, it was never discarded as a possibility that we might write
something in Portuguese one day.

[RG] Let's assume for a moment that the Music Industry Gods smile upon you
and send their big-label representative avatar to your house with a
full-blown record deal. Knowing that stardom pays bills and small labels let
you do what you want to, would you greedily sign the parchment or show the
suit to the door?

[HF] This is the most interesting question that anyone has ever asked us. We
would like the big-label, big-money contract, of course we would. But there
is a problem with which we would probably not cope very well with.  We like
to do what we want. We have that freedom now.  In case that such an offer
would come along it would have to be carefully analyzed. If the condition to
sign such a contract would be to give up most of what we have been doing so
far it would be complicated. On the other hand, we would have more means to
do our songs: money to improve on the material we have been using (not that
it is bad but we can think about two or three things that we would like to
improve), and a studio to record in.  All this sounds great. Then it would
depend on our financial situation at the time the suit comes through the
door.  So, saying no has consequences and saying yes has other consequences.
Nothing is ever simple! The best scenario would be to start our own
distribution and, who knows, create our label.

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3. Newest Artists

Loscoe State Opera
A very bad name for a very amazing group - although they DO sing very well,
indeed. "Rock-n-Roots" from the UK, a folk inspired bedevilry that WILL make
you happy! If, after hearing "Fiddler's Hill" and the title track from their
Dawn Bird CD, you still do not feel moved to dance, jump, sing and prance
about like an idiot in your living room, you need to see a doctor because
you probably don't have a pulse.

Haven is a trio from California that jumps forward in the realms of "power
pop" by mixing soulful ballads and wistful piano moments with turbulent hard
rock. Rich vocals, strong composition and a talent for finding the hook
makes their self-titled album very enjoyable.

Digital Explosion
A beautiful mixture of classical and techno, Digital Explosion makes your
love of the old masters jump to the Euro beat. Even if you *don't* like
techno, you *will* like Digital Explosion.

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4. Artists on the Horizon

Mountain Mirrors
A strange fusion of jazz, psychedelica and ambience, Mountain Mirrors gives
us a soulful, serene and often dark look into the soul of the jam. Not for
the fainthearted, and certainly not for the pop fan base.

Bruce Arnold
A funky jazz power trio that just gets the blood flowing. Excellent
toe-tapping fusion that reminds us how experimental - and fun! - this sort
of music is really supposed to be. A "must-have" for any jazz trio

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5. Music News

Digital Explosion http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/139/digital_explosion.html
released several new tracks earlier this month... Russian proggers
Romislokus http://www.romislokus.com/ are sending a CD our way... Paul
Nelson http://www.paulnelsonguitar.com/ is scheduled to appear on the
upcoming NYC Charity CD, "United - Singing To The World"... John Blanco
http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/260/john_blanco.html released a new tune
earlier in the month as well... The Red Masque http://www.theredmasque.com
will be parting ways with their current guitarist come June 1st... several
other submissions are coming in the post too, I'll give you all the heads-up
as they arrive.

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