[python] Re: using a BB for a pivot ?

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Yes, a cartridge BB is a good choice. Mine is at least 60.000 km in service - no play so far. And I took it from a scrap bike, which means that it was already old when I installed it!

I always thought, that rod end bearings are quite sturdy. Why did they wear out so fast?



On 29.06.2018 22:35, Karl McCracken wrote:

Use a cartridge bearing. :0)

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Hi all

After suffering rod end bearings for the last 4 years I want to move to a BB pivot.

However I am unsure how you make it adjustable so you can ensure the tapers are well bolted up to stop the BB rattling between the pivot anchors [ being either pedal cranks[ original  design ] or a built up *[* shape ? ]]

regards Paul

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