[python] Re: using a BB for a pivot ?

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Well the one's I have used have had either a grease fitting or no grease fitting.

I never found anything to inject grease into the ones with.

So the only way to lubricate them was to clean then and use a small paint brush to apply engine oil to them , this did work up to a point ?

the oil took microscopic grit into the bearing and they ground themselves away !

Once vertical play appeared between the hard spherical part and the bronze looking part there was no way of adjusting this play out so the pivot just got looser and looser.

regards Paul

On 02/07/18 07:32, Jürgen Mages wrote:

Yes, a cartridge BB is a good choice. Mine is at least 60.000 km in service - no play so far. And I took it from a scrap bike, which means that it was already old when I installed it!

I always thought, that rod end bearings are quite sturdy. Why did they wear out so fast?



On 29.06.2018 22:35, Karl McCracken wrote:
Use a cartridge bearing. :0)

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Hi all

After suffering rod end bearings for the last 4 years I want to move to a BB pivot.

However I am unsure how you make it adjustable so you can ensure the tapers are well bolted up to stop the BB rattling between the pivot anchors [ being either pedal cranks[ original  design ] or a built up *[* shape ? ]]

regards Paul

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