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  • From: Rhisiart Gwilym <Rhisiart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 07:42:02 +0000

I'm 78 and in fair physical condition. Early 2003 I switched to an actionbent, understeer, recumbent ( www.actionbent.com) I now have more than 19000 troublefree km. It is a delight to ride, principally because of the panoramic view of surrounding scenery and the sky. On road bikes i only seemed to watch the front wheel. BUT .......... much of my life i've suffered from seldom finding satisfaction.
I crave a python, mainly for it's hands-off steering and short chain.
The problem is my lack of a suitable workshop. I have worked with metal ....... mechanical clock repair ....... but have no experience with any form of welding. If you tell me to grow up and be content with my current bent ........ you are probably correct.
But still I pine.
Regards to all
Brian Smith in S Carolina, USA

Solidarity Brian! You make me feel young and inexperienced. Aim to make a python. Welding, especially with the new lightweight rectifier circuitry, is no big deal. The basics can be learned from a text or a competent friend, then a bit of practice with narrow rods on thin steel is all it takes to get your hand in, as long as your eyes are good.

I watch your story with great interest. Wonderful example to us all. When I was a kid in school, I used to note these - as it seemed to me - old, old guys, lean and fit-looking, still going strong because they were always on their bikes. (This was before the time of widespread car-ownership amongst working people) Looking back, I realise now that some of them must have been in the 70s to 90s age band. And there's this body of recent research which suggests that if we make it through to our 90s there's often a sort of Indian Summer of improving well-being for the survivors. I aim to be still biking at 110.... Power to your pedals, brother; go for it!!
Cofion,     Rhisiart Gwilym

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