[python] Re: A front derailleur that will shift up to 60t

  • From: "Mark Garvey" <lazybee45@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 10:03:03 -0600

hey, no problem, I have a crank that will fit it, but I have other sizes
too, so it was an offer, not a demand!  best of luck with your Python!

On 1/7/07, Henry Thomas <whpthomas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mark Garvey wrote:

> Henry!  I have a 60 tooth laying around that has a "small" bolt
> pattern.  I think it is 110 but am not sure.  wanna swap?  I will have
> to check but I think it is 110.
> mark

If you had asked me a month ago I would have definitely said yes, but I
have finally got this thing working at some extra expense, and I am
really happy with it -- if I can just get a derailleur that fits.

BTW it is a 135 which is only compatible with campy, not the 130 that is
compatible with Shimano and others, so it may not be what you were after
anyway. If it had been 130 I would have used it on my 105 holotechs.

Thanks for the offer though.


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