[pure-silver] "archival pigment print" and parrots

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If you are in doubt about synonyms in English - listen to Monty Python's 'Dead 
Parrot' sketch. I heard a discussion on the radio recently where it was said 
that English is one of the few languages where a comedy sketch like this is 
possible because of the abundance of synonyms and euphemisms. 
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    English does have synonyms.  There are plenty of different words that mean 
the same thing even if you don't include the slang that can develop.  If they 
didn't have them, there would be no need for a word for them. 

  That's a matter of some debate - probably endless, but in any case would 
highlight the justification that can made for the unique and specific uses for 
each word in the lexicon. There are also many examples of concepts or things 
that don't exist that we have words for.


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