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What I almost always do is to pause the waterfall. It's no use having it enabled when I am not around to watch it and it uses slightly less cpu then. I'm on lubuntu 12.04 with stock fldigi and I heard so is PI4TUE, not that it should matter that you are on ubuntu but if it continues to lock up then it could be worth switching.

73 de Per

Gunnar Bulukin skrev 2012-06-20 07:43:
Thanks David and Glenn for the feedback,
David, I installed this on a brand new HD! So no previous installation at all!
Glenn I will do this setup right now and get back with the result.
73 de Gunnar

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I had a similar problem with fldigi freezing up after I had installed the 1.8.0 server. Why it does it I don't know. What I did was to change the waterfall WF to FFT. You will see the adjustment on the bottom left side of the fldigi program. Then I run the fldigi in the background by selecting the - on the upper right side of the fldigi program. It has been at least two weeks without a freeze up. Try that and let us all know if it works for you.
Very 73, Glenn WB2LMV

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 5:03 PM, Gunnar Bulukin <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    After a lot of brainstorming together with Per (thanks Per for
    allowing me to disturb you all the time at work) we finally got my
    server up working again.
    The rig is now controlled by the server only using the setting
    that I got from Rain for the IC-7200. RigCAt and HamLib is turned of.
    The IC7200, with the new version and having the setting at the end
    of freq.txt USB,USB,USB,USB,USB, made the rig turn of the data mode.
    >This was something new having these settings with the 1.5 version
    with no problem. Taking it away in the new installation (1.8,
    latest fldigi and Ubuntu 12,04) made everything much better I
    noticed BUT one can newer be totally happy after 6h fldifi  froze
    again!! So in a way I am back at square one again!!!
    Well I do not know what to do now! Burn it all up? I am more and
    more guessing that this is not only a software problem but can be
    related to the hardware. Maybe one rainy day I will install it all
    on an other computer to see if there is any change.
    The summer, when and if it comes, is to short to sit in the
    "spaceship" (as my wife calls it) and fiddle around with computers
    or as Franz OE5RTL wrote: "Have to go gardening now, my wife had
    broken her left leg, so I can not spend much time for our
    wonderful hobby..." (hopes she gets better soon!)
    I think it would be nice with a brainstorming meeting via Skype
    asap to figure out the next step. Rein and Per has updated their
    systems and fldigi is not freezing for them. Franz had these
    problems all the time and maybe we can get some feedback from him
    if he updates to the new system. If he also gets a freezing
    fldigi, then we have to units behaving the same way and we can
    then start checking our hardware!?
    Any other interesting ideas???
    73 de Gunnar

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