[pskmail] Re: feedback

  • From: Glenn Roeser <wb2lmv@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:07:20 -0400

I had a similar problem with fldigi freezing up after I had installed the
1.8.0 server. Why it does it I don't know. What I did was to change the
waterfall WF to FFT. You will see the adjustment on the bottom left side of
the fldigi program. Then I run the fldigi in the background by selecting
the - on the upper right side of the fldigi program. It has been at least
two weeks without a freeze up. Try that and let us all know if it works for
Very 73, Glenn WB2LMV

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 5:03 PM, Gunnar Bulukin <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> **
> Hi,
> After a lot of brainstorming together with Per (thanks Per for allowing me
> to disturb you all the time at work) we finally got my server up working
> again.
> The rig is now controlled by the server only using the setting that I got
> from Rain for the IC-7200. RigCAt and HamLib is turned of.
> The IC7200, with the new version and having the setting at the end of
> freq.txt USB,USB,USB,USB,USB, made the rig turn of the data mode.
> >This was something new having these settings with the 1.5 version with no
> problem. Taking it away in the new installation (1.8, latest fldigi and
> Ubuntu 12,04) made everything much better I noticed BUT one can newer be
> totally happy after 6h fldifi  froze again!! So in a way I am back at
> square one again!!!
> Well I do not know what to do now! Burn it all up? I am more and more
> guessing that this is not only a software problem but can be related to the
> hardware. Maybe one rainy day I will install it all on an other computer to
> see if there is any change.
> The summer, when and if it comes, is to short to sit in the "spaceship"
> (as my wife calls it) and fiddle around with computers or as Franz OE5RTL
> wrote: "Have to go gardening now, my wife had broken her left leg, so I
> can not spend much time for our wonderful hobby..." (hopes she gets better
> soon!)
> I think it would be nice with a brainstorming meeting via Skype asap to
> figure out the next step. Rein and Per has updated their systems and fldigi
> is not freezing for them. Franz had these problems all the time and maybe
> we can get some feedback from him if he updates to the new system. If he
> also gets a freezing fldigi, then we have to units behaving the same way
> and we can then start checking our hardware!?
> Any other interesting ideas???
> 73 de Gunnar

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