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  • From: karel fassotte <karel.fassotte@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 16:42:59 -0500

Ralph and all,

The easiest way to share files is using a FTP server program and share files you want with RFSM. Yes you may allow several server in the net. I never tried file sharing based on windows XP. The recent version RFSM .497 allows changing directories, allows you to select download and upload directories, also mail directories of your choice.
73 karel, hc1akp

If you have and ADSL, and you can browse the internet Gmail certainly will your choice to connect a PSKmail server.
Please let Per, Rein advise you on how

At 12:13 a.m. 06/05/2007, you wrote:
Thanks Karel,

<<When did you start using RFSM?

I started when it was first put up on this list - about 6 mnths ago? I have updated to the current version .49 . If find propogation to your server I will try a connect. Thanks for the mention about running an FTP server. I will look into that.

When RFSM allows me to change the place of send and rec. directorys, should I be placing these in some file sharing area in winXP?

My intention, if no other method is described, was to set up my server PC (the RFSM2400 base station) to be a remote access client of another PC, connected via the internet. And by that means, retrieve and deposit files for transmission to the field stations PC. I might enable more than one remote access connection, so multiple controllers can send / rec. messages to the field stations

Part of the puzzle for me is that windows and Linux are not my native language. Classic Mac OS is what i prefer. Or Fortran 77 on DEC RSX11M Plus. Or HPGL. Sorry, I'm a mainframe guy, not a LAN wiz. So when it comes to scripts and the like, I have to study the wiki or something online to educate myself with the terminology being used.

When I started with PSKmail, it was the old way, install dozens of rpms and YUM commands and, with quite some help from Rein and Per, got it working as client. When the CD live distros came available, I used those and plugged away quietly because everybody else was starting the new modes and I just learnt from those messages on this list, what to do.

But to change to a new distro meant getting a CD burnt from a friend and the 3 or 4 weeks delay means I always have last years version.

Yes I can browse the internet, call up the Norway ? weather forecast.

But the email I cannot connect.

This is probably not the problem in PSKmail, because I cannot connect to my email using MS outlook express, for instance, either. I use a webmail service to access that email account. I can do a basic email connection on dialup, on my own line. But i cannot do it on the shared ADSL line, broadband, which is supplied by a different ISP.

Perhaps I have other options:

1/ setup a yhooo or hotmail acct and connect to that? uderstand PSKmail doesn't connect easily to these.

    2/ subscibe to ADSL connection on my own line.   Unesessary cost to me.

Apologies I'm discussing 2 subjects at once. reply to each separately if you wish

Ralph, ZL1tbg

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