[pskmail] Re: New to list.

  • From: David Quental <ct1drb@xxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 14:08:53 +0100

Hello Pär,

Hi David,

I have your call in the local database here, you should be able
to connect to sm0rwo. While you are connected I recommend that
you update your settings.
I tryed to connect but no way, maybe because of 30 meters propagation right now.
You need the latest client for that to
work (hope you have that).
Well, I got last version, it seems to be 0.2.3, but in Help and the About it says that is version 0.2.1, am I with wrong version or else???
See the section "Upload of user data record to the server via radio
channel" on the news page at pskmail.wikispaces.com

Well, I searched a while but did not find that section, can you provide me link???

Thanks for all.

David Quental

73 de Pär, sm0rwo

P.s. I hear/see you on 30 meters now!

sön 2006-09-17 klockan 13:32 +0100 skrev David Quental:
Hello Pär,
Hi David,

Well, I guess Thomas (thinkcow) may wonder a bit about that but
he will probably email you about it.
I hope so, but I can provide more personnel data.
If you are eager to get
QRV now then I can add you locally to the server here (means that
you can use the sm0rwo server only).
Ok, thanks for your sugestion, if you do not mind it will be fine, only as a test.
73 de Pär, sm0rwo

Best 73s

David Quental

sön 2006-09-17 klockan 13:23 +0100 skrev David Quental:
Hello Pär,

tks for the fast answer.
Hi David,

You can access all the servers by editing your info at
OK, tks.
To get access you send an email to: thinkcow@xxxxxxxxxxx
He will return with login info for you!
I sent an email to thinkcow@xxxxxxxxxxx with subscribe as Title, is that enough or must I include more data???

Welcome aboard!

73 de Per, sm0rwo

David Quental

sön 2006-09-17 klockan 13:14 +0100 skrev David Quental:
Hello to all specially to Rein.

Name is David call is ct1drb and am near Lisbon.

I have all pskmail software but how can I get access to PI4TUE???

Best regards.

David Quental

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