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  • Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 18:02:52 +0100

Hi All

My first post and I have got to say just how much I am enjoying using this
application. I have tried various newsreaders and have found pRSSreader to
be at least the equivalent of any of them. Had a bit of a hiccup with the
version having the Today screen plugin problem that caused me to have to
hard reset by Imate Jam, but the current 1.3.0 version seems to be totally
stable. I am struggling to find problems with it, perhaps only that it
doesn't always seem to download pictures when viewing pages.
Just like to say that the time spent developing the app is appreciated.


Rob T

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First beta is available on http://pda.jasnapaka.com/prssr/beta/ for
testing. Planned release date is May 23, 2006. For now, only english
version is available.

Version 1.3.1 will be mostly bugfixing release. It is now closed for
new features (Ok, there was no time to ask for new features, but my
TODO list is already long enough :))

What's New:
-ADD: Add sites off-line
-ADD: Support for Big5 encoding (thanks to Jamnan Law for testing)
-ADD: Site URL is editable
-ADD: Copy Feed Item URL to clipboard
-ADD: Context menu for Site Manager (Edit, Remove, Copy Feed URL)
-ADD: Summary View context menu (Mark All Read, Mark All Unread, Copy Feed

-FIX: List of HTML entities extended
-FIX: Bug in HTML entity replacement (endless loop was there)
-FIX: 'Feed not found' message if downloaded file is not a feed
-FIX: Improved error handling for disc operations
-FIX: Improved application exit handlers
 (Note: not yet finished, if you get error, that file is being used by
other process, do not report it. Thanks)
-FIX: default XML encoding is UTF-8
-FIX: Site Settings and Site Properties merged together
-FIX: Improved site rename

Localization team, see http://pda.jasnapaka.com/prssr/localizations/
and get the updated version of HowToLocalizate.txt document to know
how to update lozalization files. Hope I did not forget on something
when preparing localizations. In troubles, let me know and I'll fix it
ASAP. Localizations have the public web page to allow newcomers to
join the localization process.

Enjoy new beta,
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pRSSreader development mailing list

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