[projectaon] Drakkar v. Drakkarim

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 10:33:15 -0700

The effects of a decision on Drakkar v. Drakkarim could be large:
"Drakkarim" is used at least 600 times in the books and "Drakkar" is
used at least 175 times. So lets get this right the first time. :) Let
me state the problem.

From the very beginning and throughout the books, Drakkar has been
used as the singular and Drakkarim as the plural (conforming to the
rules of the Giak language it seems). There may be a few exceptions
that I didn't notice. Drakkar has also been used as an adjective as in
"Drakkar fortress" or "Drakkar Sentry". This all seems reasonable to

The problem is that these rules aren't followed consistently. We see
things like "a Drakkarim warrior" or "Drakkarim assault-troopers". If
the rules (that I personally prefer) were followed, these would be "a
Drakkar warrior" and "Drakkar assault-troopers". The inconsistency is
illustrated in the sentence " 'You're not Drakkarim or Lencian. Who
are you? What do you want?' he hisses,... 'Is this another Drakkar
trick devised to torment us?' "

Which should be the adjective form equivalent to "French" or
"English": Drakkar or Drakkarim? Standardizing this either way would
require a lot of changes. I wonder if we should tackle this now or
after all the books are all available to the public.


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