[project1dev] Project1 - SVN Update 163

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  • Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 10:28:11 -0700 (PDT)


Message: Added 3 new script functions in preperation for next milestone

Player_EnableControl - This is used to turn on and off player control over the 
main character (so script can take over the movement for cinematic type events)
Player_GetModelID - This returns the ID of the model that the player is using 
so you can move it directly (ie in a cinematic type event), but you can also do 
to the player model most everything you can do to a regular model such as set 
the scale or animation speed as well.
Player_SetModel - This lets you set the player model to a specific model, so we 
can use it to make the player be the puff ball in the beginning of the map in 

I set up some console commands in cavemap as examples of this stuff...
Control off - turn off player control
Control on - turn on player control
Disguise on - switch to the player looking like a miner
Disguise off - swith the player back to the regular player model
Grow - make the player huge

<Files Changed>
U   ARRelease.exe
U   AR_Camera.cpp
U   AR_LuaFuncs.cpp
U   AR_Map.cpp
U   AR_PlayerData.cpp
U   AR_PlayerData.h
A   Docs/Script Help/Player_EnableControl.html
A   Docs/Script Help/Player_GetModelID.html
A   Docs/Script Help/Player_SetModel.html
U   Docs/Script Help/toc.html
U   Scripts/Maps/cavemap.lua

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