[project1dev] Project1 - SVN Update 159

  • From: dhapache@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Apache User)
  • To: project1dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 10:46:24 -0700 (PDT)


Message: made a new script command MapSettings_ShadowsOn which you can use to 
turn off shadows for a specific map (when you leave the map, if shadows were on 
before they'll be on again)

also i think the animation problem is fixed.  Eric's walking kobold art is in.

<Files Changed>
U   ARRelease.exe
U   AR_AnimModels.cpp
U   AR_LuaFuncs.cpp
U   AR_Map.cpp
U   AR_Map.h
U   Art/Models/Enemies/Walker.ms3d
D   Art/Models/Enemies/walker2.ms3d
A   Docs/Script Help/MapSettings_ShadowsOn.html
U   Docs/Script Help/toc.html
U   Docs/Website/index.php
A   Docs/Website/milestone1a.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1b.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1c.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1d.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1e.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1f.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1g.jpg
A   Docs/Website/milestone1h.jpg
U   Scripts/CombatEnemies/miner.lua
U   Scripts/CombatEnemies/runner.lua
U   Scripts/Enemies/miner.lua
U   Scripts/Enemies/runner.lua
U   Scripts/Maps/cavemap.lua

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