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You know what could of happened, the laptop was probably left on stand by or
sleep, when the time expired or the battery hit a low the hibernate feature
might have kicked in if enabled, but sometimes a computer fails to enter
hibernation and instead is left on... I that happened while the computer was
in the bag, you can imagine that somethings might of gotten heated up. It
might have messed with some chips though not likely, but however the
fans/processor problem I mentioned on the other post could of resulted from


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Hi all,
Sorry for the off-topic post, but I am unable to resubscribe to Blind Geek
Zone with my new email address. My mom recently got a new Dell laptop, very
nice; 512mb video card, dual core proc, 4gb ram, all that. Today it was left
in a car for a couple hours, but the car was not very hot and the laptop was
in a backpack. When she started it up, it was extremely warm, though in no
specific area (not around only the battery or the processor). It said it had
recovered from an unexpected shutdown. I thought nothing of it until, some
hours later (after letting it completely cool in a cshut down state) it
flashed a Blue Screen of Death and rebooted. Now we are backing up all her
data, but I am not sure what the problem could be. One thing I hate about
new laptops is that it is so hard to hear the fan, so I am not sure if it is
running. A sighted friend and I are going to look at it, but is there
anything we should look for?

Have a great day,
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