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Ok, thanks.

I think it is pretty obviously that PHP is the most used for web apps because it is the most easy to learn language, and the most simple to use for simple web apps.

I don't know what will reserve us the future for after 5 or 10 years and wich will be the most used language for desktop apps.
C#?, Java? Another one?


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I am from Zimbabwe. I would say that here for the desktop apps C++ and
Visual Basic seem to dominate. This is better explained by the fact
that Visual Basic is easy to learn while C++ is favored for its
cross-platform nature.

As for the Web, almost every hosting company (about 70% of them with
headquarters in South Africa) use php. In fact, this explains why I
had to learn PHP in the first place: if you do not know PHP, your
chances of hosting a dynamic page here is next to nil. However, one
private company (Ecoweb) recently started advertising that it is now
considering hosting Active Server Pages, but still in line with your
question, PHP still is dominant as the company also hosts it.


On 4/27/08, Octavian Rasnita <orasnita@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Oh yes, I am also a fan of perl, or better said I like perl more than other
languages, but I can't really say that I am a fan, because it is not
perfect, and it is also not the most used in my area.

But it doesn't matter what I like. It would be interesting to know which are the most used languages, and which are the most requested in the job offers.


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> Hi, well I personally am a fan of Visual Basic and HTML, but that > doesn't
> mean to say that they're the most common languages used in this country
> (UK)
> or my region (Birmingham, UK).
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> Hi all,
> I think it could be interesting for all of us to know which are the > most
> used programming languages in as many countries as possible, as a
> foresight
> for the success of those languages in the future in our country.
> There are 2 main targets for the programs: desktop applications, and > web
> applications and I think it could be interesting to know the most used
> languages for both these 2 targets.
> In Romania, Europe, the most used languages are C# and Java for desktop
> applications, and then C++, then and Delphi.
> For web applications the most used language is PHP, and then at a long
> distance is and then Java.
> Somebody from Hong Kong, China told me that there the most used > languages > are C/C++ then python, then Java, and the least used are PHP/perl, and > for
> pure web apps, the most used is PHP.
> What about your country, or the region where you live?
> Thanks.
> Octavian
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