Re: datatypes and algos?

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Is this the correct URL for this book?

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Hi Tyler,

For algorithms you can read this book:
It not only teaches you some of the more commonly used algorithms but also 
how to design your own algorithms.

For data structures there are a veriety of resources.  There are some 
webcasts from the CS61B course at UC Berkeley that you can find here:
There are some online courses from Virginia Tech that you can find here:

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  Subject: datatypes and algos?

  Hello all,
  I'm looking for some tutorials, that will start at the basics of some of 
the data types, compression and encryption algos, and anything else like 
that. I'm interested in learning about things like binary trees, and etc, 
and don't really want to wait until I get to college. :)
  Help appriciated,
  Tyler Littlefield
  Vertigo head coder.
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and tomorrow doesn't look to promising either."
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