Re: Text Editors and Text Diff/Merge

  • From: "R. Haynie" <rhaynie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 09:17:54 -0400

Yes, in my post this morning I said I would be trying to download it
again from SourceForge.  Well this time SorceForge was up and allowed
the download.

I will be trying Jamal's edSharp again today.  I tried it when he first
released it a long while ago, for a quick minute.

As far as the file comparison and merge... read on.

winmerge can be obtained from:

I have to say winmerge is completely awesome and 99% accessible. 
Awesome help system, great documentation, hotkeys listed, plugins available.
This free program was 100% exactly what I needed for the file comparison
and merge process.  No graphical interfaces that did not allow access. 
The comparison window allowed keyboard navigation and navigation in so
many different ways.  I knocked out a couple of my large files I had to
do in no time at all.  I could compare the files.  Show only the
differences.  Change between the files.  Toggle back to showing all
lines so I could get a perspective of exactly where the change was in
respect to the rest of the file.  Merge the difference from left to
right, or right to left.  Navigate to next difference...

All of the above using only keystrokes, and no virtual cursoring.  I
could even manually edit the files in the editor as I am comparing.

I can not express how much this program will increase my productivity
over the next couple weeks.  So many of the other file comparison
programs were only somewhat accessible or not accessible at all. 
Winmerge is it!

This program is so extensible as well.  The plugins allow you to do so
much more and quite easily.  Do you write C code?  Well you compare
source files, but not compare the commented lines.  You can create patch
files to give to others... Things as simple as that make winmerge the
ultimate utility for me at this time.

I hope to find the "perfect" editor as far as accessibility and
functionality, focused on my needs,  this week.  So stay tuned and I'll
post some comments on what I came up with.  It is good to have a thread
about this topic every year or so.


black ares wrote:
> also, there is a utility named winmerge
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> Subject: RE: Text Editors and Text Diff/Merge
> Hi Sauro,
> For my lack of money, Jamal's EdSharp has replaced what I used to say
> was the greatest editor on earth. Grab it at
> Here is a paragraph from
> the documentation. Maybe it will help you.
> Two commands produce text in a new window after comparing sets of
> lines. Lines above the cursor are considered the first set, and the
> rest are considered
> the second. Use the List Different Items command, Alt+Shift+L, to get
> lines that are in the first set but not the second. Use the Query
> Common Items command,
> Alt+Shift+Q, to get lines that are in both. These commands ignore
> blank lines but are case sensitive.
> If that won't help you, maybe there would be a way to run the DOS fc
> utility and bring the output into the editor. I think that could be
> done with all the facilities at your disposal with EdSharp.
> Thanks.
> J
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> Subject: Text Editors and Text Diff/Merge
> Ok, this is something that has troubled me on and off for a while now.
> I am looking for a real good text editor preferably one a integrated
> diff (file compare) utility.  And it would be great if the diff had a
> merge functionality.
> I have been using UltraEdit for 6 or so years now.  Occasionally the
> editor will crash.  I could not make a nice reproduceable situation of
> when it crashes.  The latest version of UE is no different.
> I took another look at Komodo Edit, but versin 5 does not seem to be any
> more accessible with JAWS.
> Editor:
> I use the editor for writing sql, php, python, csv files, viewing logs,
> etc.  I like code folding and function lists to quickly move around in
> longer files.
> So I need sort of an Accessible Power Text Editor.  I would not mind
> paying for it, but it shouldn't crash on me like UE doing on both of my
> boxes.
> I'll be doing file comparisons and merging of changes over the next few
> weeks.  Other than that, I probably compare files once a month.  I am
> going to try out WinMerge, but Tuesday SourceForge would not allow any
> downloads of that package (500 error), so I'll try Wednesday.  If that
> package is accessible, ten I  the file compare be satisfied
> Sina had a couple ideas, but he also suggested to hit the list up with
> the question.
> -Rodney
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