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I somewhat agree with the below poster. However, a social networking site is different than a user group if the interaction in which a blind individual has with that social group is different than that which is provided on a user group. For instance, if a social networking site allows for games, blogging, and other features not yet conceived of, then this is different than a user group or a technical discussion list.

Nimer J

Matthew2007 wrote:
Is there really a need for this? it seems as though you can pretty much see the same people on various user groups, so why would anyone want to go somewhere and talk to the same 5 people all over again. The main reason I abandoned many list serves was because most topics on these lists repeat in what appears to be triweekly cycles. I also find it very, very depressing that these lists are just about all these people have in life, and I don't want to be a part of that group of people--just my personal philosophy.

There are millions of blind people in the world. There are only a fraction of them on the internet. There is even a smaller fraction on the more technical list serves. There is even a smaller fraction on the more programming related highly technologically related list serves. The result, the same people will join the various types of technologically related user groups. Besides, doesn't this user group serve the same purpose you're looking to fill?

I'm not trying to discourage you from your goal, and you will no doubt get the "yes I would love such a place on the web" from others, but will the time and effort actually reflect the demand. You were asking for all opinions and here it is--just playing devil's advocate.


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Hay Dusty,

I have tried something like this at however haven't really had
the time to get it up and running.

If you'd be interested in colaberating on that let me know.


2008/6/17 dusty bray <dusty_bray@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi everyone,
Wow, it's been forever since I've looked at this mailing list.  I hope
everyone is doing well.

I've just started development on a new social network specifically for
blind users, and I would love some feedback at this stage. My goal is to create an online community, similar to Facebook or MySpace, with content and features geared toward people using screen readers. I'm trying to make the interface really simple with little clutter and no annoying images. So far,
I've been focusing on the profile, personal blogging, and public forum

The site is by no means complete, and many of the features aren't yet fully accessible (or functional), but I would definitely appreciate some opinions before anymore work is put into the project. Please give me some feedback on the website's usability, maybe some ideas for features, or opinions on whether or not you even like the idea of a blind social network. If there seems to be interest in the project, I think it would be something worth
expanding upon.

If you would like to give input, the site is located at . Feel free to make an account, test things out, and
leave your comments in the forum.

Thanks so much your help,


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