Re: Seeking possible tasks for Dueling Operating Systems at CSUN

  • From: Jared Wright <wright.jaredm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 14:57:29 -0500

Sounds like a great list, Jamal. I see that much of the specificity regarding the software being used has been removed from this draft--I.E. JFW is not specified as the screen reader used by Windows for the event. I haven't followed this thread all that closely, but if this is the case, I must applaud it doubly so.


Jamal Mazrui wrote:
Thanks for the excellent feedback, folks!  For your information, below is
the current draft list of tasks that I sent to the presenters for review
and comment.


* Describe the computer hardware, including performance specs and software
installed.  State the cost of hardware and software.  Provide an overview
of the screen reader interface, including its cursors, modes, and events.

* Schedule a meeting appointment with an advance reminder.

*  Present something that one thinks is particularly easier to do on that

* Install a program, e.g., the latest version of Adobe reader.

* Argue advantages of one's operating system over others.

System Maintenance:

* Do a hard bootup of the computer, and let the audience hear what speech
events occur before the system stabilizes and the screen reader becomes
available for full use.

* Run a malware check and eliminate suspects.

Web browsing:
* Find a particular file on a web site (e.g., the 2008 State of the Union
address) and download it to the local computer.

* Copy to the clipboard the information in a table cell, specified by its
row and column headings.

* Send a greeting card via

* Label graphics on the front page of


* Scan a 5 page document.  Save it in both a common image format and text
after OCR.  Send it as an email attachment.  Include a blind copy back to

* Check new mail via the GMail web site.

Word processing:

* Input a small document that includes a centered title and bold phrase.

* Spell check a document, including verifying the context of a suspect


* Download and play a podcast.  Navigate forward and backward through it.

* Record an MP3 file and upload it to a web site.

File management:

* Determine the size and time stamp of a file.

* Copy to the clipboard a list of file names in a directory.

* Find a file based on a phrase it contains.

* Format a removeable media device such as a card for the BookPort, Victor
Stream, or equivalent.  Copy a media file onto it.


* Open a PDF, read its first couple paragraphs continuously with full
punctuation, and then the next couple with no punctuation.


* Create a check register with columns for check number, date, amount,
payee, and memo.  Enter three rows.  Show how the screen reader can say
column headings as one navigates among cells.  Show how the sum can be
automatically calculated.

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View the list's information and change your settings at

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