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that and since there may be a hundred or a thousand tools made for use by such 
companies, it would be helpful if you had software names for us? 

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  For whom will you be testing?  What testing tools do they use?  Will you be 
doing invasive tests that insert test code into the program itself or will you 
be doing user side testing where you run the program through a formal set of 
tests that hope to find every code path?  Lastly, will you be using automated 
testing tools and working to analyze the results?


  On Apr 6, 2009, at 3:57 PM, Robbie Miller wrote:

    Listers, I'm being offered theopportunity to do Quality Assurance testing 
(QA testing).
    Has anyone on this list done this kind of work before?
    Are the testing tools accessible?
    Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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