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Dive into Python on the web is a good resource for those with some programming experience. And chapter 5 goes into command line arguments some.

Some real books I also like:
Python in the Nutshell
Python Cookbook
Programming in Python

All those real books are on BookShare, but be careful of the indentation as it is sometimes off.

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I have been teaching myself python and have a few questions:

1. Does anyone know of a good book on classes, the try statement and the more advanced things in python?
2. What is the best way of handling command line arguments?
So far I have been doing:

import sys
for i in sys.argv[1:]:
    if i == "-b":
        do something
    elif i == "whatever":
        do something else.

Sorry if my indenting is wrong, no braille here.
But just using a loop to go through the argvs, check what it is and do a certain thing.
Is there a cleaner/easier way than this?
3. Where is the best place to learn apis such as gtk and any I may need to know for linux programming and general python stuff? 4. Does anyone know of a book that could teach me the more advanced things as wells as review the basics in python? (I have a reasonable understanding of python...)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Daniel Dalton
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